Who can use TalentTool?

A soccer club is like a fruit tree. Youths can blossom into great players there. Some talents develop quickly and others don't develop as much as the rest, but the goal is for them all to reach their maximum potential. With proper guidance and attention the most and best result can be achieved. Wouldn't every club wish for that to happen?

The TalentTool is available for all soccer clubs in the World. From clubs playing in the Champions League till clubs playing soccer regional. The TalentTool is an ideal tool to show talents what the effect of their actions is. It helps increase the confidence of players, which will improve performance. Please contact TalentTree if you're interested in purchasing the TalentTool.


TalentTool subscription

Players can continue to use the TalentTool at all times. It is possible that, during his career, a player starts playing for a different club. All TalentTool data will automatically also be transferred. It could also happen that a player ends up in a club that doesn't use the TalentTool. No problem. The player can then purchase an individual subscription via Spotlight. That way the player can single-handedly continue to develop his talent.