Olympic Games 2012

Stephan Konijnenberg (Medical Director at Spotlight)

The London Olympics will begin in a little over two months, but the preparations are in full swing. The medical facilities are also being prepped.

Stephan Konijnenberg (Medical Director at Spotlight) has been asked to give a presentation about the innovative activities of Icone in the field of knee injuries by the Olympic Sports Trauma Congress.

The invitation is a great recognition of the hard work that has been done in recent years.

Icone is an independent treatment centre (ZBC) for orthopedics in the South-East Brabant region in the Netherlands. Icone offers innovative orthopedic surgery in the Netherlands. A highly qualified medical team offers patients at Icone fast treatment of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. Stephan Konijnenberg is part of the Board of Directors of Icone.

In the short term, Icone will start performing tests to create 3D images with the latest equipment, made available by Philips, as one of the first companies in the world. In the long run it should become possible to create images of meniscus lesions without having to perform an MRI scan. This allows for millions in savings to be made in the healthcare sector.