The talent is the most important

TalentTree consists of a team of professionals with a distinct vision on (professional) sports. We are continuously developing ways to innovatively train young and talented athletes. It is of paramount importance to encourage and motivate the talent and to make him aware of his own developments. This resulted in the development of the unique TalentTool. In order to do this, the team combined expertise with years of experience in the field of coaching at a professional level and interaction with youthful talents.

TalentTree offers consultancy for policy making, organisational and professional aspects within a sport. TalentTree offers supporting resources such as knowledge, manpower and software to create a structural improvement of (professional) sports organisations.

TalentTree wants to train young talents in a socially responsible way. All this is based on a combination of objective assessment points and the expertise of the individual trainers. Motivating talents and training them whilst making them aware, are of utmost importance. We work with talents' inner motivation, causing players to take responsibility for their own actions and training.