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    Talent identification

    Determine a player's place within the motivation circle.

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    Easily create tests, focusing on specific players.

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    Improvement plan

    The type of player and the test results determine what the individual improvement plan …

TalentTree helps develop everyone's talents

Everybody has talents. The only question is: what are your talents? And how can these talents be fully developed? The answers are not simple. Everyone is different. Each person needs different guidance and exercie material tot develop his or her capabilities. That is why TalentTree had developed a web application for the individual development of talents: the TalentTool. It is the best tool available for (professional) sports organisations, healthcare and educational institutions and businesses, It is especially the best tool vailable, though, for talented people.

Focus on soccer

The first version of the TalentTool was specifically designed for soccer. The interactive system tracks players' development. What really makes the TalentTool unique, though, is that it also provides tools that allow the talent to develop further personally. The system shows exactly what the player got better at and how that was achieved. The player will then realise he is responsible for his own progress. The TalentTool is an ideal tool for all players, trainers/coaches and clubs in the World to find soccer talents, help them develop correctly and finally to watch them grow to their maximum potential.


The Benefits


Use of TalentTool by Sparta Rotterdam


Sparta Rotterdam started using TalentTool Pro on 15 March 2013 to train their youths. The person responsible for youth development, Lennard van Ruiven, and his staff members have been able to get to know the TalentTool extensively. They're very enthusiastic. It is expected that the youths will be able to develop their talents better by using the TalentTool. Using the TalentTool is one of the ways in which …

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